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BHJ Annual Awards Dinner 7.29.2014

Now in its sixteenth year, the BHJ Awards program has been an inspirational recognition event. The Annual Awards Dinner is scheduled for October 22nd @ St. Florian’s in Wintersville. The nomination deadline is August 30th. Nominations should be delivered to John Brown ( The nomination form can be found here.

Anchored by the twin cities of Steubenville, Ohio, and Weirton, West Virginia, our three-county region offers a diversity of assets and challenges. True to our mission, BHJ promotes intergovernmental communication, cooperation, and collaboration on issues and problems that have a greater than local impact. 
As a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) funded by the Federal Highway  Administration and Federal Transit Administration, BHJ is a leader in highway  development to promote access and jobs. As a Local Development District (LDD) funded by the Appalachian Regional Council (ARC), BHJ on a daily basis works to build and maintain crucial water and sewer infrastructure. Listed below is a copy of our Mission Statement.
  • To promote intergovernmental communication, cooperation, and collaboration on issues and problems that have a greater than local impact.

  • To provide coordinated and continued regional planning services.

  • To provide information, facts and quantitative data to help local officials make informed decisions.

  • To serve as a liaison to state and Federal government agencies and assist in the administration of their programs.




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